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In Brazil, criminal investigation usually is a part of Criminal Police, either state (civil police) or federal; when finished, the police investigation has as a recipient the Prosecution Office, which, analyzing the investigation will be able to offer reports, determine the filing or request supplementary investigation. What happens is that there other public authorities which have rights to perform investigations related to criminal matters. For instance, the Commission of Real State Securities has the power to perform investigations involving capital market (stock market and brokers); Central Bank has the power to investigate matters concerning the Financial System, such as foreign exchange transactions.

Apart from these ones, two modalities of investigation have been frequent in Brazil:

INVESTIGAATION CARRIED OUT BY THE PROSECUTION OFFICE - Although the Constitution of the Republic does not allow it, the Prosecution Office has also performed criminal investigations (topic still debated in the Supreme Federal Court), due to the fact that the office has had intense action in the defense of people and corporations investigated by Prosecuting Attorneys.

CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIVE COMMISSION - In cases with great political repercussion, it has been usual in Brazil, that Legislative Halls (City Councils, State Legislatures, Chamber of Deputies, and Federal Senate) establish Parliamentary Committee of Investigation, performing real criminal investigation. The same cause is often under investigation by three distinct authorities, at the same time: Police, Prosecution Office and Legislative Power. We act in all of them.

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