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Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1991, where he obtained in 1997 a master's degree and, in 2003, the title of Doctor of Law of Criminal Procedure.

Reelected Counselor of the Brazilian Bar Association (Section of São Paulo) for the trienniums (2013/2015) and (2010/2012) he is the President of the Board of Trustees of the São Paulo Bar Association School of Law - ESA (2012/2015)..

In 2018, Roberto Delmanto Junior was ranked at Chambers and Partnersbeing highly recommended as a leading lawyer in Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime

On 2013 assumed a chair at the São Paulo Secretary of Justice State Commission for the Eradication of the Traffic of People and Slavery.

Visiting professor at the School of Magistrates of the State of São Paulo – EPM (2011 and 2015).

At the Higher Military Court of Brazil, he was a lecturer in the congressespromoted by the Court in the years 2010 and 2011.

Lecturer in international and national congresses throughout Brazil.

Due to the intense participation in the Department of Culture and Events of OAB / SP, received in October 2011, the honorable "Laurea of Cultural Merit".

Examiner was 84 Contest Join the Prosecutor of the State of São Paulo, held in 2006

With a known presence on several TV Channels like TV Cultura and TvGlobo, and press media giving legal opinions, has published several articles in the newspapers "Folha de S. Paulo", "O Estado de Sao Paulo" and "O Globo".

Founder, in 2011, the Institute Delmanto, dedicated to the discussion of major issues involving freedom, security and the press before the Criminal Law, was Secretary General and Scientific Coordinator of the "I FORUM INSTITUTE Delmanto of Criminal Law: FREEDOM, SECURITY AND PRESS" at the headquarters of FECOMERCIO, SP, from 22 to 24 September 2011, which gathered nearly 700 people, with the cover of TV Globo.

He is co-author of the "CÓDIGO PENAL COMENTADO" (Criminal Code Reviewed), with more than 500.000 books sold, which is in its 9th edition (Saraiva, 2015, Brazil) and co-author of the book "LEIS PENAIS ESPECIAIS COMENTADAS" (Criminal Laws Reviewed), which is in its 2nd edition (Saraiva, 2013).

He is also author of the following books:

"Provisional Imprisionment and Term of Duration, 2nd. edition, Rio de Janeiro, Renovar (publisher), 2001;

"Inactivity in the Brazilian penal process, São Paulo, Revista dos Tribunais (publisher), 2004. He is coauthor of collective works.







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